About Us

We hope you're having a better time of it than us and sympathise with all those who are suffering too.

Having recently been crushed by the Plandemic like the rest of the UK (& world), loss of income and redundancy, we decided to set up an alternative clothing brand to make ends meet, express how we feel and get a different message out there!!!

We've been doing our research and hope you have too. Some of our favourite stuff can be found on our blog - we've got some great links to other interesting and sometimes entertaining sites, blogs and videos. Also, check out and share our memes - All done in house

If you like what we do, then we would be eternally grateful if you could share our work - whether by social media, telling a friend, or even making a purchase.

We're proud to wear our t-shirts because we know we're right (PIC COMING SOON - we're a bit camera shy!!) 

For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, those running blogs, youtube channels etc... or have retail outlets, we are now offering Wholesale and Drop-shipping Opportunities - take a look, make a move and earn some dosh!!!