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“Left-V-Right” now fully transformed into “Top-V-Bottom"

  • 11 Jan 2021
From The Slog - Guest Writer, AJC Boone

BRACE FOR IMPACT: In this insightful post, AJC Boone concludes that the days of Left-Right duopoly have passed, and that if we want to survive in (and work against) the New Model State, we have to understand its assumptions, strengths and weaknesses. 

It is quite clear that the basic political antagonism that has defined western democratic politics for the last two centuries — the Left-Right, workers v owners, Big Government v Small Government tension — has been fully replaced by a Top-Bottom tension: the Blob versus the People.  The metropolitan, transnational elites of an awesome Weberian Administrative State and its affiliates in media and academia, versus the free-thinkers whose economic and political self-determination are an Enlightenment birth right tied to identity and joy in life.

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