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UK Column News - 18th January 2021

  • 18 Jan 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

00:43 - Internment Camps for Dissenters,   03:44 - Thousands of People Vaccinated And The Hypocritical Approach To Adverse Drug Reactions,   13:47 - Mask Exemptions or Not According to Propagandist Medical Experts,   18:33 - COVID 19 Mutates in MSM Fake News to Affect Children and Younger People,    20:11 - Increasing Corporate Power Of Supermarkets, 23:30 - Statistical Reality of Mortality,    27:46 - Carrot and Stick Lockdown Psychology,    31:03 - Fake News About Morgues,  34:41 - No Evidence That Lockdowns Work, 37:44 - Stasi Britain Comes In Under the Guise of Care For The Vulnerable,   40:33 - Alex Salmond Squabble With Nicola Sturgeon Unveils Dirty dealings in Holyrood,    58:56 - Hidden Impacts of Lockdown On Mental Health,   01:01:43 - Why Are We Having Lockdowns, 01:05:54 - BBC Anti-Racism Led Version of the Truth

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